***************** SEABROWSE 1.3C****************
****************by Seanser/CCB 2016**************

What is it ?
Another filebrowser for standard disks and mass storage devices (sd2iec).

The following keys are usable:

[V] next dir-page
[C] previous dir-page
[C=] quit SEABR
[CR] loads a programm/mount an image/play a PSID-file/enter directory/open and load .t64
[Z] cursor down
[X] cursor up
[<] go back dir level(mass storage device)
[^] Root directory
[B] changes cursor to “0” – this is be used for the vssp (very simple sid player). Some .psid files wan´t start without this option – check it out.
[F1 – F7] switch through drives (8-11)

The browser can also be controlled by a joystick in port 2:

up               = cursor up

down             = cursor down

left             = previous page

right            = next page

up+left          = dir level up

up+right         = root dir

down+left        = exit browser

fire             = select/mount (sd2iec)/enter dir/play .psid

The browser just works correctly in showing .DIR/IMAGE/MUSIC eg. suffixes if the fiel on the disk/sd-card ends with .sid,.d64,.d81,.t64 eg.
Also remember, that the length of the filename/dirname should be max. 16 chars.

** (C)2016 Seanser/C64 Club Berlin(CCB) **
The software “SEABROWSE / SEABR” can be used for free.Spreading is allowed as long as the readme.txt keeps in original state and will be spread together with SEABR.
The modification of the software (or parts of it) is prohibited (without the permission of the author).
The author doesn¦t takes over the liability for damage on hard- or software probably caused by the Software called “SEABROWSE/SEABR”.

A nice review was lately done by the autors of
Read the whole Issue 93 or jump to page 13 here (pdf) or here (txt)