B~C=C#10 Party

26.02. – 28.02.2016 | Philipp-Melanchthon Gemeinde-Saal | Hertastr. 11 zu Neu-Kölln

C64 Demo
1 Tangled Up by Delysid
2 The Mayday Show by Mayday!
3 TIS by Bonzai
4 From Berlin to Paris and Back by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group
5 Technic Intro by Hokuto Force
6 A Trip from Luebeck to Berlin by GI-Joe HL
7 RyFeeLuv by Mayday!
8 BoCoCo by q0w
9 LittleNote For BCC 10 by C64 Club Berlin
10 Osama B L by Brainstorm

C64 Music
1 Oldschool Heaven by c0zmo
2 Toca Off Alone by Snabel
3 Press Space, Release Power by Gaetano Chiummo
4 Un’Estate Italiana by Uctumi
5 Proriad by DJ Lenkrad
6 5 Foo Foonkaz by celticdesign
7 Schädeltrauma! by Spider Jerusalem
8 Easy Day by G-Fellow
9 SYS4000 by Sonki

C64 Graphics
1 Der Wahrsager by Oni/Luisa
2 Voyage to Pandora by Grass
3 Moon by awsm
4 Love by awsm
5 Cascade Logo by Monte Carlos

Mixed Compo
1 CRX Race by Delysid (Game)
2 David Bowie Tribute by Delysid, Finnish Gold (Music Collection)
3 Stack Up by Delysid (Game)

Alles ganz wunderbare Releases! Höchsten Respekt der aufgewendeten Mühen.

Vielen Dank allen Clubmitgliedern für die Hilfe bei allen Dingen!
Die B~C=C#10 Party wird wiederkommen… als B~C=C#11 ab 24.02. bis 26.02.2017!