BMP2MC 2.12f (26.09.2015)

I´m presenting you (another) bitmap to C64-multicolor converter (16 colors or 5 grey / black and white, export to .prg).
Outputformat is standard “Koala” or “.prg”

How to use ?
Two windows will appear after starting the .exe.
The first one contains all control-panels – the second one a view of the remapped bitmap.

In the first window do the following:

1. check/uncheck the grey- / bw / fine and/or prg-button
2. select colortable 1 or 2
3. select “splitted” files/or not
4. load an bitmap/jpg/png (will be auto resized)
5. adjust brightness (remember, that it will change it in c64 color mode)
6. Hit “! GO !” and DONE !

Other functions:
It´s possible to save the “remapped” picture as a bitmap – just use the so called button.
Sometimes the “fine” option delivers better results.
The .prg button will export to an (on C64) executable file – standalone !

The “split” function will split the data into three files (bitmap, charmem and colormem data) – just like in my versions before.

The written files uses the following format:

* standard .koa format. *
!!! In my case there´s no load-adress stored ! Remember that if trying to load and display it !!!

Standard koala file format:
My example below:
Bitmap: $0000-$1F3F              ($6000 – $7F3F) – $1F3F bytes (0-7999)
Videoram: $1F40-$2327          ($7F40 – $8327) – $03E7 bytes (0-0999)
colourram: $2328-$270F          ($8328 – $870F) – $03E7 bytes (0-0999)
Background: $2710                  ($8710)               – $01 byte

loading example (single file .koa):


BYTE  $0B, $08, $0A, $00, $9E, $32, $30, $36, $34, $00, $00, $00

*=$5FFE ; -2 for loadadress
incbin “e:\test.koa”


lda $DD00
and #%11111100
ora #%00000010 ; Change Bank to 1
sta $DD00

lda $8710    ; load & set background color
sta $d021
lda #0
sta $d020

lda $d011
ora #32
sta $d011
lda $d016
ora #$10
sta $d016
;$d011=$3b, $d016=$18
lda $d011
ora #32
sta $d011

lda $d016
ora #16
sta $d016

lda #08        ;screenram at $4000 , bitmap at+$2000
sta $d018

ldx #0

lda #$00
cppy                    ; copy screenram and colormem
lda $7f40,x
sta $4000,x
lda $8328,x
sta $d800,x

lda $8040,x
sta $4100,x
lda $8428,x
sta $d900,x

lda $8140,x
sta $4200,x
lda $8528,x
sta $da00,x

lda $8240,x
sta $4300,x
lda $8628,x
sta $db00,x
bne cppy
jmp loop

Other informations:
* bugs fixed
* routines speeded up and optimized
* The brightness function is a bit slow at the moment (just experimental). Will speed it up later . . .
* Colortables adjusted – now working fine.
* Routines speeded up
* Splitfunction added
* .Prg function added (directly executable on any C64/c128)

Now have fun using it – or not 😉
** (C)2015 Seanser/C64 Club Berlin **
This software can be used for free.Spreading is allowed as long as it is free of charge.
The modification of the software (or parts of it) is prohibited (without the permission of the author).
The author doesn¦t takes over the liability for damage on hard- or software probably caused by BMC.


Download here: